Nathan For Nine Months I Carried You. You Were My Companion, I Spoke To You. I Sang To You I Could Feel You Move Inside My Body Growing Bigger And Bigger, Every Day. Daddy And I Were Very Exited, We Created A Room For You - We Painted It Blue. Time Was Passing, You Will Soon Arrive, And The Happiness We Felt Can Not Be Described. Grandma Gave Me Advice, Grandpa Made Me Comfortable. We Went To The Hospital Laughing, Waiting For You To Arrive. But The Nurse’s Face Told Me Something Is Wrong. We Saw The Doctor – Only To Tell Us You Have Died. There Is No Heart Bead – You Are Gone. I Laid There Crying, Daddy Tried To Be Strong, We Went Back To The Ward To Tell Every One, Our Little Baby Boy Was Gone. Everyone Cried Every One Prayed, Hoping God Would Give You Back. They Put Me Asleep, To Take You From My Womb, Daddy Stood Next To Me, He Couldn’t Belie It Was True. I Woke Up, Hoping It Was All A Dream But Then Daddy Placed Your Still Little Body In My Arms. As I Looked Into Your Beutifull Angel Face, And My Heart Broke. You Were Really Gone. My World Shattered, All I Could Do Was Cry. Not One Of My Dreams For You Will Now Ever Come Alive. My World Was Empty, My Life Had Changed. You Will Not Be Coming Home With Us. Your Room Will Stay Empty. There Will Not Be Baby Crying In The Late Hours Of The Night. We Packed Away You Clothing, Your Blankets And Your Toys. My Heart Ached, Knowing You Would Never Bring Us Joy. We Would Never Hear You Say Your First Word, We Would Never Rock You To Sleep. We Will Never See You Take Your First Step. We Will Never Know Who You Look Like. But We Had To Accept, God Wanted You For His Garden, He Took Your Hand, And Led You To Heaven, Where His Angels Will Hold You. We Know You Are Safe, But Still We Can Not Escape The Pain. We Will See You Again, In Heaven, Where We Will Hold You Forever. But Until That Day Comes, My Precious Beautiful Baby Boy, Remember Daddy And Mommy Will Always Love You! In Loving Memory Of Nathan Samons. Stillborn 5 June 2008 - 16:56